Does yoga really relax you?

LaLately you have discomfort in the back, you spend too many hours in front of the computer and you feel stress from day to day. A friend explains that she has been practicing yoga for a few months and that, thanks to this, she feels great. She has regained flexibility and in the final relaxation of the class she disconnects in such a way that she feels like new.

You decide to go to your first yoga class at the gym, the teacher seems nice and does the poses spectacularly. It begins slowly then picks up pace, things start to get complicated and what they had told you about relaxation seems like a fairytale. More than relaxation, it is terribly stressful, seeing how your classmates develop more or less, and you do not even manage to stretch your legs … without trembling!

What can I do? How to find the class that feels so good and leaves you like new?

There are as many styles of yoga as there are active teachers. The secret is in finding the one you like and feel a special connection. Relatively speaking, it’s like finding a partner, or finding a house. You have to try several teachers and the moment will come where you will know: it is him or her! … and from there, it is only a matter of going back to the class again and again. … You will then have taken the first step on the vast journey of yoga. And let us not forget our Sevillian poet: “Walker, there is no path; the path is made by walking.”

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