A virtual window to travel to India with your yoga practice

Yoga Hridaya aims to contribute its grain of sand by helping its students in their personal transformation towards a full life thanks to the tools that yoga and the new information technologies provide us.

And we have opened a window to the knowledge and wisdom of native Indian teachers to the rest of the world to enjoy … almost as if we were practicing next to the Ganges river.

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Most of the teachers at the school are Indian native and classes are held primarily in English. Customized translations are performed to Spanish, French and other languages.

YogaHridaya is an online Yoga School and therefore does not have physical space. We believe in online classes as a complement to physical practice, and therefore, the student knows or will know, at some point, their teacher. The presence and human contact are essential in the practice of yoga and therefore, Yoga Hidraya will facilitate these meetings between students and teachers.

Given the plurality of yoga practices, Yoga Hridaya believes in the diversity of its teaching staff and in the value that each personal style brings to its students, personalized monitoring of their evolution being key. To submit your application you can send us an email with your motivation and references. We will contact you shortly.

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