This session is organised with the precious collaboration of Surinder & Vikram students around the world:
Ulyana Boyarskikh – Yoga Traum
Elena Riedel
Sasha Kirakosyan
Dean Kessler – Vanam Yoga
Alejandra Brea – Universo Yoga
María Valladares – Yoga con Maria
Pilar Barea – Yoga Hridaya
Anastasia Podshibiakina
Tania Mayela Palma
Lili Montiel
Tony Cianci
Rei Shibata
Nadine Camel-Toueg – Prana Association



Surinder Singh was initiated in the tradition of yoga by his teacher and guru Sri Swami Dharmananda, the then superior of Ved Niketan Asram in Rishikesh. Swami made no mistake. Today, Surinder Singh is the most popular yoga teacher in the world’s capital of yoga.

Thousands of yoga practitioners from all over the world call Surinder Ji their main teacher.

Vikram’s yoga journey first of all started with immersion and under the loving guidance of his beloved parents, Avtar Kaur and Surinder Singh. Yoga philosophy has taught Vikramjeet Singh to believe in dreaming, trusting, challenging and experimenting. His motto us based on a statement that there are no mistakes: there is only learning. Vikramjeet believes that life is not about struggles, disappointments, or circumstances, life is about falling in love with the magic that surrounds us.


Surinder Singh teaches hatha yoga– a combination of yogasana, pranayama and meditation– in the
atmosphere of cordiality and support. It is this atmosphere and energy, and its vastly positive effect on practice that the master’s students notice and come back for, year after year. Being a mechanical engineer by education, Surinder integrates principles of mechanical physics into his teaching practice thus turning them into biomechanics of asana alignment and adjustment as well as of yoga practice as a whole.

Vikram’s practices same as his classes are a combination of the traditional Hatha yoga with the principles of Iyengar yoga and Vinyasa. The practice he shares is full of mindfulness that includes both slow vinyasa flow with classical asanas with experimental transitions into more passive postures to find your stillness through your mental and physical awareness, that as a result have holistic effect and show you the way to sink deeper into your practice.


● Personalised adjustments and feedback that helps student to advance in their yoga practice.
● Application of diverse techniques that open to the student a wide range of possibilities.
● Group energy practicing from different countries at the same time.

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