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Hatha Sivananda

If you want to transform yourself, come to this path. But be aware that this path is only for people with determination. Only for those who are ready for a long spiritual journey that changes their life fundamentally.

-Arvind Hari-

The Teacher

Arvind believes that the purpose of Yoga is the improvement and cure of the practitioner´s mental and physical condition. His elementary and informal education of Yoga started with his Guru from the Himalayas. After receiving an informal education from his teacher for a long time, he enrolled himself in renowned yoga institutes of India, like “The Bihar School of Yoga”, and “Shivanand Nayyar Dam”. There he completed his formal education. Arvind´s intention is to allow fellow human beings and society at large to benefit from his knowledge and experience.

The Class

Arvind is an advanced Hatha Yoga practitioner and his classes are addressed to students who want to achieve a mental and physical balance in order to improve the overall quality of their life. He wants the students to understand the working of their own body and to give them a sense of being connected with their own energy sources through the practice of asanas. Arvind uses Yoga Nidra as a tool to achieve a state of mental purity and a high level of consciousness. By keeping the awareness on the mudras, we internally purify the body. We connect with the heart and develop devotion through mantra and chanting. We experience the vital force through Pranayama practices.

The Benefits

These diverse practices are designed  to bring health, joy and harmony in our life and to establish a deep connection with our heart and soul. We get a clear sense of perception. We build physical strength with yoga postures. Stress is relieved with every asana. We become peaceful and positive people.

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